Me 'n me boy...

Thank you for stopping in at Light Pictures

Hi, I'm Matt, from a blessed artistic family. Next to me is Hannah, my little Sis, my rock...and a new mother!
Besides what you see here, what can I tell you about what a "photo" means to me?

There is nothing more satisfying than capturing a moment, that later upon a glance, can invoke a memory in all your senses, pick you up and carry you away and take you back to that very moment when it was captured. A photo can make you laugh out loud or cry with sadness or joy.

I also fell in love with the wonderous day that they call a "Wedding". I am honoured, being allowed to just jump deep into people’s worlds for a day. They are always days of love, celebration and the coming together of people who love one another, all differences are put aside. Every one is a rollercoaster ride, and I still love rollercoasters! There's also romance, but chaos too...and then there's all the little moments in between, many people miss them on such an intense day, well not me.

But then being able to tell that story again, hearing or seeing how much joy that brings to another human, well that's humbling, immensely satisfying and very addictive.

I went to art school, I worked in a studio, I printed black and whites from film and the first wedding I shot was all shot on film. I have all my photos I have ever taken (film negatives included). I know how much emotion and memories they have captured for me, so I cannot ever let them go. That part of me makes me throw in fine art portraiture to my work as well (when the time is right), really just with the aim of it possibly being printed very large and hung on a wall as a show off piece.

I bring all of this into my work every time I pick up my camera, and I offer it to you.

I would love to be a part of your day!

I have a home studio in Brisbane, Hannah also has one in Byron Bay, so drop us a line and come and have a chat...we love a chat!

We document weddings all over the world, we love to travel doing what we love, so don't be afraid to ask us how we will make that work!

I'll finish with my mission statement.

I/we aim to ensure your wedding photography experience is beyond your highest expectations from start to finish. Ask us anything, at any time. Our communication is open and relaxed, we get along with everyone and our knowledge about weddings from many cultures is deep.

If you fall in love with our work, then book us in for your big day!

We will deliver images to you in a matter of weeks or even days, that you will love and cherish forever.

...and you will say "wow".