Destination Pre-wedding Engagement Session in Northern NSW and the Gold Coast QLD, Australia – Dennis and Michel

A tale of two lovebirds and their journey to Australia

This is the beautiful story of Dennis and Michel from Hong Kong.

These two lovebirds started their unique lifelong journey together back in Hong Kong, over their mutual love of sports. Dennis and Michel’s thirst for adventure brought them all the way to Australia for their pre-wedding celebrations. They mentioned that they scoured through a LOT of photographers before they both finally fell in love with our work. What an honour!

The Light Pictures crew took the adorable young couple on a 6 hour adventure, through Brisbane city, Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and to Hastings Point Lookout, Casuarina in Northern NSW.

What we weren’t expecting was for Dennis to throw on his “Magua”(His actual wedding suit for the wedding) and Michel her “Qungua” (the traditional name for the two-piece dress for the bride), these are the same ones they will be married in, in September in Hong Kong.

Then there was the very cute “Chen signature” matching mouth mask props (that they take with them everywhere) for a bit of a laugh, brilliant!

So how did these two meet?

“It has been said that maybe god wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet that person, we will know how to be grateful.

An ordinary question in the workplace sparked an extraordinary love story. Why do you stay back so late?

Michel and I love sports. Every time I got hurt, she is the one who would accompany me to the hospital. Michel is the most frank and well organised person that I have ever met and knows how to comfort me when I’m in a bad mood.

So after dating for six months, Dennis made his proposal to Michel.

It was quite embarrassing, the day I made my proposal. It was the lantern festival and she worked the whole day long. Michel told me that she would love to go home as soon as possible. So very frankly, I said that I had planned to make my proposal to her that night.

After that, she said, Well. Take your time then.

We might not be a perfect match, but we are willing to sacrifice for each other.”

 – Dennis Chan

Hastings Point Lookout – Casuarina

The sun was setting fast so we made a small trek up to the headland above Cabarita beach. Before long the entire sky was filled with thick storm clouds.

The dark looming clouds above our heads reminded me that being in love also has its storms, but if we can just hold on tighter then we will surely see the silver lining. Indeed these clouds above had created the perfect contrast for our epic surprise Kimono photoshoot!

Final words, and thank-you

It’s not every day that Light Pictures get to shoot a sweet international traveling couple like Dennis and Michel, especially when they came over here just for our little adventure.

We hope that we have truly captured the most important memories for you both, so that they will bring you, your friends, your family, much joy, reflection, and excitement building up to your BIG day and beyond!

THANKYOU and we hope to see you in Australia again soon..

Matt, Damien and Hannah.

Light Pictures XXX

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