Australian Wedding Photographer – Mick and Amy’s Storybook

It was “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” for these two when they met.
Amy was working with explosives, and Mick was a driller.
Mick couldn’t talk to Amy for a whole year, he was just too shy, despite Amy’s efforts! He would walk away from her!
They slowly saw how much they were alike, that they adored each others qualities, and eventually became good buds.
Mick called Amy “the bomb chick!”
When Mick was forced to move to the other side of the country for work, it got to them both, they couldn’t live without each other.
Amy chased him all the way to W.A.
The rest is history. The epic backyard party in the super friendly country town of Dubbo NSW was a party I will not forget.
My whole trip and my experience with these wonderful bunch of people, is something I am very thankful for.
Thank you for letting me be a part of such a memorable day, and weekend.
Hope this little story of the day does your special day justice.

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