Destination Engagement Photography – Dennis and Michel

Destination Engagement Photography – Dennis and Michel

Destination Engagement Photography session – Brisbane City, Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast QLD and NTH Coast NSW.

Dennis and Michel flew over from Hong Kong, to Brisbane….to see a unique part of Australia, and to show off something that their friends and families would just say “WOW” to.

To us Aussies, “that’s a good choice!”

But really, the reason was that they wanted some less traditional Chinese/Hong Kong Pre-Wedding photos to show off to their friends and families, most of which have never been to Australia before.

Well, from my point of view, there will be a few that will “fry their brains.”  – Dennis said – too eager.

But back to our newly weds….

“It has been said, that maybe God wants us to meet a few people, a few wrong people maybe, before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet “The One”, we will know from then on, we will not stop being grateful.”

“Why do you stay so late?” Michel says.

“This may seem like an ordinary question in a workplace?  Yet this slight kind and welcome bout of kind words, open curiosity, the friendly banter that followed, started an extraordinary love story.

Michel and I love sport. This has got potential for sure I thought…so I pushed a bit too hard when she was around 😉

Every time I got hurt, Michel (Oh wow, I was dreaming that you would come and rescue me) was actually the one who accompanied me to the hospital….EVERY TIME!

She is the most frank, well organised person, that I have ever met.  She knows how to comfort me when I’m in a bad mood….LOVE!

After dating for only six months…………I made my proposal.

It’s a tad embarrassing about the day it happened actually.

It was the lantern festival in Hong Kong. We went together. My Michel was my partner in love that day…but… she had already worked the whole day long.

It all kept going, I was nervous as to when the right time was to pop out those words. Then after quite some time (I think it felt like an eternity) she just randomly told me “I would love to go home as soon as possible”

*sigh*. I couldn’t just “try another day” and so I just randomly said….”Michel, um….I was planning on making you…. a proposal tonight!?”

…and her response was…..”Well. Take your time then!”

So, the stars were aligned,  YES it happened, and yes…..she said “YES!”

Not a perfect, text book, fantasy story, I guess  (well maybe a touch)…but…that’s us.

We may not be a perfect match, but I’m not sure that really matters in the end. Happiness, enjoying each day together, whatever becomes of that.

Our new journey as two lovers that will soon become one, who are both willing to sacrifice for each other, is about to start VERY SOON!

Excitement. Hope. Faith. LOVE!

….I Hope it works out well!! ;)”

– Dennis

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