Sydney Wedding Photography – Somersby – Narbs and Talin’s Storybook

You’re at a festival. It’s “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT”. You walk up to a boy and say “I think you’re cute, we should hang out!”.

Well this is the story of “The Day” that will go down in that amazing history of Talin and Narbeh’s…and in mine too.

They dolled themselves up, Talin in her stunning beaded Alyssa Kristin gown, Narbeh in his stylish blue Brent Wilson suit.

They said their vows, donned the rings, kissed, and the rest is history.

Armenian party in the barn! Woo hoo!

Thank you lovebirds, and to your awesome families and friends, for having us along on your epic day.

I Hope this little story of the day does your special day justice.

Please click HERE to view on an iPhone or iPad

Also, my experience with all these wonderful bunches of people below, is something I am very thankful for.

Pete Oakman my awesome 2nd shooter, partner in crime, road trip dude, driver!…Thanks Pete!

Piccolo Petalo – Flowers in abundance displayed everywhere to perfection!

Taste-a-licious food by Sprout

The Stables of Somersby – What a venue!!

Video by The Barefoot Bride – Massive respect to you Kurt, love the way you work.

Talin looking stunning courtesy of

Hair by Vivacious Hair and Makeup by Kye Francis

The Stables of Somersby is one stunning Sydney venue for Sydney Wedding Photography but if you are also looking for a place to have your upcoming wedding, have a look at our favourite wedding venues up in our area Byron Bay…worth a look!

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  • Talin Abovian - This compilation is just – WOW. I am honestly struggling to find the right words to describe how I feel after viewing the most blissful 12 minutes – I am in total awe and completely humbled by these talented photographers.

    This slideshow is a real tear-jerker. I have relived our day and am in love with the gorgeous story these photo tell. The mix of authentic love and joy being captured, and the truly artistic snaps just shows how versatile, creative and incredibly brilliant these two photographers are. Matt and Pete – the best. No questions.

    Biggest love, always.