Sydney Wedding Photography – Paul and Ash Storybook – iPhone

Sydney Wedding Photography – Paul and Ash’s Storybook

Ash and Paul! Such a beautiful, genuine couple. Each makes up for any little thing the other lacks. Paul, very organized and structured, Ash, cool calm and collected, but both so honest and kind. All qualities I admire a lot.

So I say, “a perfect match”!

Yes, we also had perfect Sydney weather! *takes a bow to the Sydney weather God?*.

So they spent the morning with their closest friends, relaxing, stressing, being pampered, eating cheese, possibly a quick visit to the Gym, drinking Champagne…and/or beer.

For myself, it was a perfect lead up to the big moment ahead.

Iv’e used the word perfect a few times……Yes, it was all perfect.

The very majestic (overwhelmingly at times), St. Marys Cathedral, where these two chose to marry, is something to behold. I just cannot imagine how something like that is built, the detail, the symmetry.

Anyway!…. Ash walked a LONG way down the aisle to meet her husband to be…’s a long aisle. Her proud father gave her away.

They stood up in front of their friends and family, along many wise and calming words from a wonderful Father of the church, and made a life long commitment to each other. It was just perfect! But!, they never stopped smiling and looking at each other through the whole extended Catholic Mass…That’s Love.

They donned the rings, and kissed. They both walked down the long aisle together joined by clenched hands, and for the long walk, this is one time that you do head for the light at the end.

Ash and Paul stepped outside the doors of the cathedral and there was quite an overwhelming onlooking “paparazzi” to greet them (it could also be possibly be mistaken for an angry mob), but there was LOVE in the air!

It was actually kinda cool to see unrelated people so happy (possibly in awe of these two love birds) to capture a little pic of these two just married, to get a pic of the gorgeous flower girls all cute and happy, to barge me out of the way to get a picture while I was taking a family photo…that’s commitment!

At this point, I must thank Pete, my partner in crime on the day (who also drove down with me from Brisbane for this), as he was a key role in fending off the persistent and seemingly obsessed few crazy people who didn’t help our plans so much. Pete, you rock, and your photos are something special!

I/we attempted to take family photos out the front of St. Marys, we got a few nice ones.

That all aside, the sun was getting low, so up to Sydney Observatory hill we went. The girls and boys in a couple of beautiful old Rolls Royce’s rocked up in style. We then spent an hour or so just lapping up a serious golden hour of Sydney Wedding Photography bliss!

Down to Pier One to celebrate. Talk, laugh, eat, dance, possibly frolic a little…until way after bed time.

What a day and night it was!

Thanks to you guys for having me along. It was also great to catch up with a few previous couples who I also had the honour of documenting their weddings, so thanks for the trust…..and for being so organised, and so well behaved!

I’m sure the images portray all this though, so without further adieu, here is a short version of Ash marrying Paul….with a few songs from their wedding day.

Also, a big Thanks to Josie of Biophilia Blooms, for the STUNNING flowers. The colors were insane.

If you are thinking of a little getaway, or know someone planning another wedding in the near future, take a look at Byron Bay as an idea for your big day. We have done a little article on a few fave spots you might like HERE.

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