Toowoomba Wedding Photography – Dom and Sarah Storybook

Toowoomba Wedding Photography – Dom and Sarah Storybook

This was my first trip out to Toowoomba (being from Sydney originally) and so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Then we arrive at Gabbinbar Homestead.

I wouldnt say it is very typical of anywhere I have been, besides maybe in the South of France somewhere. What a spectacular venue! So amazing, everything a Toowoomba Wedding Photographer could ask for.

I wandered around for hours discovering little spots thinking of taking pics later. Of course we didn’t get to fit them all in, but we did our best.

Sarah married Dom, in “The Woods”, in front of the most amazing floral backdrop I have ever seen, brilliant work by Amanda from Deans, the whole place just looked amazing..
They danced under fireworks, drank champagne all night, never stopped kissing the whole day, and now they will be together forever.

I sincerely wish you guys all the best in love and life, but it seems you will be fine.

Thanks to my good mate and fabulous 2nd shooter Pete Oakman for coming along and taking a huge load off.

This is just the short story of the two of you, on your wonderful day in fantasy land. More to come soon in the gallery.

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