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Sydney Wedding Photography – Daniel and Quyen – a few frames

Sydney Wedding Photography – Daniel and Quyen – a few frames

The stunning wedding of two lovebirds, Daniel and Quyen, was one epic adventure.

I woke up in the dark at 4.30 am, a tad excited, loaded up the rental car with everything I could think of, and headed out on the road to meet the girls for their prep..

The first pic taken was at 6.30. I thought that would have been early enough to grab the start of all of the action, however it turned out that the girls started at 3.30 am. As my 4 year old boy has said “Thats indiculous!”. Hats off to them!

From that point on it was one fabulous roller coaster ride, one of those ones that would stand out from a distance when you drive past a theme park and make you think “woh, look at that!!”….but would probably be too scared to go on.

My ride went all the way to the farewell at 10.30 pm. In between that, well I can say that there was no dull moment. Sydney was on it’s best behavior, there were plenty of colours and culture, class, lots of love.

One long day for sure, but one I will never forget.

Quyen is such a cutie, super friendly and funny, stunning, and it turns out, quite adventurous as well. Daniel fits right in there as her perfect match, a real gentleman for sure, and at one point in the day he did indeed marry the girl of his dreams. I think experiencing that love and their connection was the highlight of the day for me. It’s also why I love what I do and am so continuously thankful of for having such a privilege.

I cant really put into words how crazy the whole day was, but I can say that it was super fun and very inspiring…one of those moments as a photographer that gives you a grin on your face all day.

At the moment I really only have a couple of hand picked favourites of mine to show off. They don’t in any way give a portrayal of all the events of the day, but I chose them for the reason that when we set out for a photo session, we were lucky enough to find a pretty beautiful part of Sydney. We hung out, everyone was relaxed, we all climbed a few fences, danced about on a few serious cliff face edges, and yes we got a couple of nice pics of it all too.

Here they are. There will be many more to show off in the near future.

Oh, lets not forget this amazing photographer Rachael Muller that came along to shoot with me. Rachael, you made my day once again, as my true partner in crime. Your help, dedication, creativity and your cracking photos, are all priceless. I appreciated all you did a huge bit. Thank you again.

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