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Country Wedding in Gayndah QLD – Scott and Anneliese – teasers

Country Wedding in Gayndah QLD – Anneliese and Scott – teasers

Gayndah is a cute little country town out in rural Queensland. Lovely friendly folk, stunning landscape, rivers, mountains, cows, lots of Mandarins…my kind of town!

Anneliese married her love Scott this day, in the cute little chapel below. They were two, now they are one.

Once the hard part was done, all the planning and stress and excitement in the lead up, turned into big smiles with thoughts of “Let’s get drunk!”

Well everyone did, I think, but everyone behaved themselves, kind of 😉

What an amazing day!I still have landscape images popping in and out of my head now.

The countryside in Australia is just so amazing to travel through. It’s so calming, so…big, I just feel humble out there, and I’m humbled to be able to do what I do.

Thanks to my partner in crime Pete Oakman who came for the drive, for the wedding, then drove me home…and took some cracking shots!

Thanks everyone, the Slacks and the Davis’, for having us along and allowing us to be a part of your wonderful celebration, in a wonderful country town.

Just a few faves below for you for now…plenty more to come very soon.

How amazing do these two look!

Country Wedding PhotographerCountry Wedding PhotographerCountry Wedding PhotographerCountry Wedding PhotographerCountry Wedding Photographer

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