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Wedding Photography Byron Bay – Intense emotion

Wedding Photography Byron Bay – Intense emotion

Since my first taste of wedding photography in Byron bay, every time I have had the pleasure of being a part of a Byron Bay wedding I have just been blown away.

For me, all of the Byron Bay Weddings I have been a part of have been very special.   One key reason would have to be that so many people travel (generally all of the wedding party) to this idyllic area called Byron Bay, and that gathering together from far and wide for the common purpose of celebrating love just seems to add something a little extra special to a Byron Bay Wedding.

This image below that just captures it all for me. It’s in my favourite black and white, just to show the pure feeling and emotion, no colour to distract or confuse the eye.

This is the moment that Bob, a very proud father, walks his only daughter Kerri-anne down the aisle (in a nothing short of spectacular hand beaded dress by Gwendolynne).  Jenny, Kerri’s tearful mother on their left, gazing her beautiful her little girl.  Her expression says a lot more though, and as a parent I can only imagine the memories, the emotions, the hopes and dreams that her mother’s expression is encompassing.  So very overwhelming.  The groom of course, Ben, with a huge grin as he looks directly into Kerri’s eyes as she walks towards him.  A moment never to be forgotten.   On the right are Ben’s proud parents, clearly excited, so proud, and sharing in their son and future daughter-in-law’s happiness.

All eyes on the bride.

There is something about that walk down the aisle for me as a photographer, that very intense moment of emotion, it’s a very unique moment as well, and it always gives me a huge smile and a little flutter in my stomach… and I have to say it can be a struggle at times to keep the tears at bay while catching the shot!

Well, it’s one of the big reasons I do what I do, for those very real feelings that I get to witness and document. They make me happy time after time. It’s something I always feel extremely lucky to have in my life, and something I feel privileged to be a part of every time.

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